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Let us help your company get the best business insurance possible for your money.

As a businessowner, you likely have many things to think about each day as you grow your Fort Myers, Florida company. As you build it up, it is important to protect it against potential financial upheavals. At Mr. Auto Insurance, we work with everything from home-based businesses to large companies that know the importance of planning for the unexpected.

Business Insurance in Fort Myers, Florida

We have been serving the Fort Myers area with business insurance solutions since 1988. That puts us in a strong position to assist you with whatever type of coverage you need, including commercial property, general liability, small business package, workers’ compensation, farm & ranch, inland marine, commercial auto and fleet, and commercial umbrella insurance.

We aren’t just here to help you obtain new business insurance for your company. We can also assess the coverage you have to determine if there are any gaps that should be resolved. You will find that we are happy to help you report a claim during business hours, so we can direct you through the various steps. Should you have an urgent problem outside of our normal business hours, you can contact your insurance carrier directly.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business and need to have an idea about business insurance to write your business plan or you have a startup or established business and need to know if you have the best value possible and adequate coverage, reach out to us today to get the answers you need.


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