Business Auto Insurance, Fort Myers, FL

We will guide you through getting the best business auto insurance for your company’s needs.

If you use one or more vehicles for business operations, you will need to look into business auto insurance. This is automatically a requirement if the vehicles are titled in the company’s name. However, if you have one vehicle in your name as the business owner, and if you use your vehicle just to go to and from your home and office, you can keep that car on your personal auto insurance policy. Note that this applies to commuting only. If you do more than that, you’ll need business auto insurance, or any claim could be denied.

Business Auto Insurance in Fort Myers, Florida

At Mr. Auto Insurance, we take keeping you informed very seriously. We will guide you regarding which insurance policies your business needs and which are optional. Should you need business auto insurance, we will find you the right policy that fits your needs and address all your questions so you can make an informed decision. Even if business auto insurance isn’t a requirement, it might be your best bet when we look at all the factors involved.

The key to any successful company is being able to weather unexpected financial losses. Business auto insurance is a necessity if your company relies on a fleet to conduct business. We are happy to go over standard and optional coverages so you are fully informed about what losses you are protected from.

If you have any questions about business auto insurance or any of the other business insurance options we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our Fort Myers, Florida office.