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Our team can help you find the best farm & ranch insurance coverage for your property.

When you own a farm or ranch, you may not realize the differences between homeowner’s insurance and farm & ranch insurance. However, since the coverage needed is substantially different, working with an insurance agent is your best option for securing the necessary policy. Here in Fort Myers, Florida, our team at Mr. Auto Insurance can help you find the best farm & ranch insurance coverage for your property.

Farm & Ranch Insurance in Fort Myers, Florida

One of the key differences between this type of policy and a traditional homeowner’s policy is the coverage secured for all the equipment, structures, and other elements on the farm or ranch. You can get a policy that includes tools, farming equipment and machinery, harvested crops, structures, and even the premises and products that come from your farm. Some policies may cover livestock, which can protect your investment in the animals that reside on your property.

Since you likely live in a home on the property, you may need both homeowner’s and farm & ranch insurance to ensure complete coverage. Farming operations are more extensive than the activities that go on at a typical home, which is one of the reasons you need an additional policy for the equipment and structures used to produce crops or care for livestock.

We work with people located throughout the Fort Myers area to find and secure the best possible coverage for their individual needs. If you’re looking for farm & ranch insurance to protect your property and everything on it, we invite you to reach out to us to schedule a consultation.


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