What Is Classic Car Insurance?

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Chances are, you’ve heard of standard car insurance. It’s vital for owning and operating your car. However, you may not have heard of classic car insurance. This type of insurance is geared towards protecting older, classic cars that may not be covered by a standard car insurance policy. Over time, cars lose their value, making it harder to find a good car insurance policy to cover them. However, classic cars are different because they keep or even increase their value over time.

What Is Classic Car Insurance?

Why can’t regular car insurance cover a classic car, especially if the car isn’t losing all of its value as the years go by? Classic car insurance will typically cover repairs or other specialty services that are required because the car is old enough to require special parts, repairs, or other maintenance-related items to keep the car in good shape.

However, not every old car is eligible for classic car insurance. There are different criteria for what constitutes a classic car. For example, many classic car insurance policies require a car to have limited use, such as driving during a parade or car show. A policy might also require your car to have some sort of unique quality about it, such as race cars or exotic cars.

If you have a classic car and want to find an insurance policy that will cover and protect it, reach out to us here at Mr. Auto Insurance. We’ll work with you to find a policy that works for your car and its specifications.