What is Farm Insurance and Why Might You Need It?

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Any type of business has risks involved, and operating a farm definitely has the potential for losses. Obtaining farm insurance, also called farm and ranch owners’ insurance, is a customized product that joins your homeowners coverage with business insurance to protect against the various types of loss that can occur in a farm or ranch operation.

What is Farm Insurance and Why Might You Need It?

Since every farm is a bit different, it is critical to work closely with your insurance agent to customize your farm insurance coverage to suit your operations. Whether you grow crops, have an orchard or grove, raise livestock, or do a bit of each, you’ll want to have protection for the loss of your buildings, livestock, machinery, equipment, and feed.

Another thing to consider is farm liability coverage. If you regularly have visitors to your farm, such as operating a u-pick operation, offering tours, or conducting workshops, you’ll want to be covered in the event of bodily injury, farm property damage, and medical expenses should someone become injured.

Farm insurance has standard coverages, as well as optional items that are worth considering. You might want to add equipment breakdown coverage, loss of income coverage, irrigation system replacement coverage, peak season coverage, and other supplementary coverages.

If you would like to know more about farm insurance for your Florida farm or ranch, reach out to us at Mr. Auto Insurance at our Fort Myers, Florida office. We can walk you through farm & ranch insurance that provides the protection that best suits your farming operation, risk tolerance, and budget. Let us help you plan for the unexpected.