Protect Your Unique Automobile with Classic Car Insurance

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Classic cars can truly be something to behold. They can be invaluable and hold intangible values like fond memories of times gone by.  Although such a cherished automobile can never be truly replaced, there are classic car insurance options that help the owner feel that they are protected in the case that such a vehicle is damaged or destroyed.

Protect Your Unique Automobile with Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance works a little differently from standard car insurance. The owner and the insurer agree on a value for the vehicle, based on an appraisal. There may be special coverages for displaying the vehicle at car shows and other eventualities that do not necessarily apply to most vehicles. Classic car insurers may also be familiar with repairs on classic and exotic vehicles.

There may be some limitations to classic car insurance based on the way such vehicles are typically used. For example, there may be mileage limitations, but obviously, most people are not daily driving their precious classic car to work or the grocery store, so these should not really be a hindrance to classic car owners. Classic car insurance could just as easily be compared to art insurance as it can be to traditional car insurance, and as such, the value will not necessarily decrease over time. In fact, the value could increase as can the insurance coverage. Classic vehicles are worth what people are willing to pay, rather than a standard book value like modern cars.

At Mr. Auto Insurance, we offer classic car insurance for your unique automobiles. We have served the Fort Meyers, Florida area since 1988, so you can trust that we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to find the perfect coverage for your classic car. Our team of insurance experts is dedicated to providing the best coverage for each specific situation and will work with you to determine what is best. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and see how we can get you covered appropriately!