What Influences Your Car Insurance Quote?

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When you’re selecting the right car insurance policy for you and your needs, many different factors come into play. One of the biggest things people often consider is the price. If you’re shopping around for a new car insurance policy, here are some of the factors that insurance agents will look at when determining your car insurance quote.

What Influences Your Car Insurance Quote?

  • Your past driving record. How you’ve driven in the past will undoubtedly influence your car insurance quote. Insurance agents want to see that you’re responsible behind the wheel, so if you have several accidents or speeding tickets on your record, your quote will likely be higher.
  • Your car itself. Every car is different and requires a different amount of coverage. For example, some types of cars are stolen more often than others, so they are typically more expensive to insure than other makes and models.
  • Your demographic information. Certain factors, such as age and marital status, can influence your car insurance quote. This is due to statistical data about accidents and driving records associated with these demographic factors.
  • Your location. Where you live can have a bigger factor in determining your car insurance quote than you may think. If you live in a densely populated area, your chances of being in a car accident are higher, so you’ll likely pay more for your car insurance policy.

Our insurance experts here at Mr. Auto Insurance can help you get a car insurance quote that will fit within your budget while still giving you good coverage. We can also walk you through the different factors that influenced your quote, so reach out to us today with your car insurance needs.