Do You Need Renters Insurance?

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Renting an apartment or house is a great option for many people, allowing flexibility in where one lives and for how long, but there can be some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks can be that, although the building itself is covered by the property owner’s insurance, the personal belongings of the tenants are not included or covered by said insurance policy. Luckily, renters insurance mitigates the risk of lost property in the event that the apartment or house is damaged or destroyed, making sure the renter receives fair compensation for personal property that is lost.

Do You Need Renters Insurance?

Many people mistakenly believe that they are covered by the landlord’s insurance policy and may also undervalue their belongings. While some people may consider the latter, another consideration that often escapes their awareness is that they can actually be liable for personal injuries that happen on/in the property that they do not even own. A renter can be sued by friends, family, neighbors, delivery drivers, etc. who happen to be injured on the property.

Luckily, renters insurance tends to be relatively affordable and beats taking the chance of losing all your property without any compensation. Renters insurance even covers personal property while you are traveling, and often pays living expenses in the event that your rental is destroyed and you are looking for something new. Some landlords do require you to show proof of renters insurance, so you might as well find a company that will work for you.

At Mr. Auto Insurance, we offer renters insurance for people in and around Fort Meyers, Florida. We know the importance of being covered as a renter and will find the best coverage for your specific needs. Our expert team of insurance brokers can find you the best policy and coverage for what you are looking for, all within your budget. If you are a renter and are not yet covered or are currently insured and would like to explore different options, give our friendly team a call today!