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Despite what our name implies, we at Mr. Auto Insurance offer a wide range of insurance policies. For example, we can not only cover your car, but we can also cover your business to protect you from financial losses. If you are starting a business, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about our business insurance options and to choose the right ones for your needs. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of some of the most essential types of business insurance you will need.

Business Insurance 101

• Commercial Property Insurance – Just like you need home insurance to protect your home, you need commercial property insurance to protect your store, office building, or other facilities. This type of policy covers damages to your business’s physical location, including the building itself and the property inside.

• Fleet Insurance – If your business has company vehicles, such as delivery trucks, you will also need fleet insurance. The purpose of this type of business insurance is to protect your vehicles in the same way your private auto insurance protects your personal car. If any of your company vehicles get into accidents while on their rounds, your fleet insurance will pay for some or all of the associated costs.

• Workers’ Compensation Insurance – A third essential type of business insurance is workers’ compensation coverage. If any of your employees get injured on the job, your workers’ comp policy will cover some or all of their medical expenses, as well as provide compensation for their lost wages.